Make Money

program rules & conditions
  • All Tier rates are listed for 1000 downloads
  • Minimum payout via PayPal and PerfectMoney: 1$.
  • ETH and WebMoney: 5$
  • Downloads are counted up to 3 times per IP.
  • Individual deals for site owners and experienced webmasters.
  • Adult is allowed.
pay per sale (pps)
Get up to 70% for every
premium account sold!
Will we pay you 70% of all new referred Premium Sales purchased through your links and 50% from rebills!
Earn 50% from downloads and premium sales
Will we pay you 50% of all new referred Premium Sales purchased through your links and we will pay you up to $4 for 1000 downloads made from your files!
pay per download (ppd)
Get up to $70 PER
We will pay you up to $70 from 10000 downloads made from your files. Your files must be minimum 1KB in size! We will count only complete downloads!
Per 1000 downloads

I. United States, United Kingdom, Canada

II. Australia, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Spain, New Zeland

III. Russian Federation, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Japan, Turkey

IV. Other countries

Earnings Rules:

You must be a members to earn from your file downloads.

Affiliate Program: If another uploader registers under a referral link of yours, you will permanently earn 6% of what that uploader earns.

Traffic generated using automated hits or manipulated traffic is not allowed.

Downloads generated by visitors with an ad blocker are not credited.

You will be paid once your earnings reach $1. Payments are issued in 24 - 72 hours after the payment request!.

We have the right to change the rates at anytime with or without notifications.